Canada 150: Did you get exposed?

September 6th, 2017
@ Wallack’s Art Supplies


As the Nation’s Capital, we are used to civic celebrations; from community fairs, to a certain celebration that takes place every July 1st, and the year-long extravaganza we are currently experiencing.


Four exciting speakers moderated by Eric Coates, GCTC, will debate the role of these civic celebrations and spectacle events for local artists and arts groups. Are they opportunities to grow audiences or unsustainable development? Artists launch pads or extremely expensive traffic jams? Are they growing your fan base and the appreciation for local arts or setting false hopes? Is all this exposure worth it?


Join AOE Arts Council, the Ottawa School of Art, Shenkman Arts Centre, and Wallack’s Art Supply as we launch the 2017 Artpreneur program with a lively debate.


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ARTPRENEUR is a one-day conference dedicated to helping artists succeed. The conference brings together leading creative experts and art community individuals who will motivate and inform artists on their creative professions. The Conference aims to deliver a valuable experience for delegates, with accessible for delegates new to the topic, and opportunities for rich conversations and connections for all attending, maintaining an open, welcoming learning environment.


Debate Topic #1

Civic celebrations: Prime opportunities for artist and organizational growth or disruptive make-work projects

Debate Topic #2

Exposure is a valuable commodity that is worth its weight in gold.