Christina Devine

Let’s Get to Work with Christina Devine

One of the most exciting things about the ARTPRENEUR conference is the opportunity for artists to make connections with their peers and to learn things they may not have expected. This year, we’re asking the speakers and MC’s for some insights and thoughts around being an ARTPRENEUR and any tips they may have for other artists. Be sure to register to reserve your place to hear more from them on November 4th, 2017!


Christina Devine is an amplifier who offers communications and marketing support to arts, non-profit organizations and brands in developing successful community engagement strategies. She collaborates with Ottawa’s largest urban arts organization House of PainT Festival of Arts and Culture, and is an artist in her own right. She recently released her album FEMINUM as local hip hop recording artist and rapper Kool Krys.

Devine’s session at ARTPRENEUR Ottawa 2017 is titled Picking the Perfect Platform, in reference to how you can best be reaching your communities. Since this topic falls very nicely under the idea of amplification, we asked exactly how she came to choose the term Amplifier to describe what she does.

“With a background in public relations, I see myself as a connector of great minds and talent. I have a passion for introducing people who can build and mutually benefit each other’s goals – for me this is the essence of PR. When I’m hired to manage marketing/communications for clients, my approach is to amplify their existing efforts to reach a wider audience that broadens their reach, impact and opportunities to grow.”

When it comes to the challenges of being an entrepreneur, Devine cited managing your time as one of the most consistent ones. Specifically, dividing your time between working on your business and working in your business. It can be very easy to get carried away putting together your business – building the website, social media accounts, business cards, replying to comments – the list can be endless. But it’s important to strike a balance between branding and providing quality service to grow your business.

 One of her favourite things about being an entrepreneur is very similar to our past two interviewees – freedom. Specifically, “the freedom to be creative and work with passionate people and media on unique arts projects that inspire and elevate communities.”  

Devine also wishes that she had been told such positive things about entrepreneurship when she was just beginning her career. “Working for yourself allows you to truly focus on your strengths and do what you love while helping others.”  

Her Productivity Practices?

1. Surround yourself with peers that keep you motivated to learn and constantly sharpen your skills.

2Be prepared. “Thinking of content creation the same way as media pitch lead time allows buffer time to review and revise marketing campaigns before they go live. Preparing content in advance also gives me time to research people, events and social media groups to engage and amplify marketing efforts.”  

Finally, on the topic of disruption as a positive force, there appears to be a growing consensus amongst our interviewees that disruption is in itself positive.

“It keeps us sharp in our industries. Each year, new tech and social media tools gain momentum pushing us to reevaluate what works best for reaching our communities. My upcoming workshop “Picking the Perfect Platform” will address overcoming social media clutter and how to determine which online platforms resonate best with your community.”

And there you have it! Be sure to get your ticket for ARTPRENEUR Ottawa 2017 today and register for Christina Devine’s workshop if you’re interested in learning how to amplify your online presence!

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