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175 delegates attend ARTpreneur Ottawa at Shenkman
Orléans Star – Oct. 24, 2013 (Catherine Kitts)
It may have only been a one-day conference, but the knowledge gained by delegates and vendors alike at ARTpreneur Ottawa, over the weekend, was invaluable.

Art, business worlds collide at ARTpreneur conference
Ottawa Business Journal – Oct. 18, 2013 (Mark Brownlee, Jacob Serebrin)

Entrepreneurs and artists aren’t that different, according to Suki Lee. Both fields require creativity, hard work and an appetite for risk.

Speakers, networking and insight
Orléans Star – Oct. 17, 2013 (Catherine Kitts)
ARTpreneur Ottawa brings business savvy to artists.


Last years Artpreneur Line-up


Inbox is a model for a new kind of company. Its employees work together in the cloud, and live all over the world from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to Europe, Asia and Central America. At the helm of this full-service marketing agency and think tank is Suki Lee.

Suki Lee gets her ideas from many places and the diversity of her thinking is clear from her output. She is a published fiction writer, journalist, columnist, broadcaster, and blogger who offers insightful, informed opinions on culture, communications, marketing, technology, and finance. She jumps easily from issues in PMP, to the work of PhDs, to the intricacies of PHP and has an intuitive, thorough understanding of contemporary challenges and means of working.

So, what exactly is a full–service marketing agency? The term can be a catchall at times–and that’s for good reason. At Inbox Communications, Suki’s team has to reinvent itself almost on a daily basis. Inbox solves its client’s challenges from technology integration, to social media marketing, through to growth strategies and team development. The job is to anticipate whatever comes u–and that means being constantly on the cusp of change in order to meet the shifting needs of business. The think-tank arm of the agency is a lab of sorts–it’s where Inbox develops new strategies and concepts in order to be ahead of the curve. Taken together, the agency and think tank make for an exciting, ever–changing landscape, and that’s where Suki gets her inspiration.

Suki began her career in communications as a freelance journalist, and then in media relations. She has experience in government relations, in addition to corporate finance know-how from her work at software giant, Autodesk. She has a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature from Concordia University; and a BA (Honours) from Trent University and Swansea University (UK).

Suki regularly does presentations on content marketing, branding and technology. She is a recipient of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) Best Art Gallery Website Award for the Ottawa Art Gallery. Her fiction has been published by Exile, Arsenal Pulp Press, Conundrum Press, and Matrix. Her journalism has appeared on CBC Radio, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Korea Herald. She has read at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, Toronto’s Word on the Street, and the Parliament of Canada, just to name a few.

In 2007, Suki founded Inbox Communications as a boutique PR agency serving arts communities. It has grown to offer content, technology, marketing and branding, and has expanded into software development and technology future casting. The agency incubates ideas and thought in culture and digital communications for its clients in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, the US and Central America.

The Inbox Communications team has years of hands-on experience in the arts and culture sector researching, promoting, strategic planning and implementing for many major arts organizations. These include the Canada Council for the Arts, Council for the Arts in Ottawa, Ottawa Art Gallery, Canada Dance Festival, and over a dozen other arts organizations across Canada, including Wallack Galleries and Wallack’s Art Supplies. This experience has provided the Inbox team with an unparalleled understanding of why the public supports one arts and culture organization over another. Combining this knowledge with the agency’s branding, communications, technology and marketing expertise puts Inbox Communications in a unique position to help arts organizations communicate their core strengths to their target markets.

Inbox Communications has a long history in Ottawa. In addition to being founded in the capital, the agency continues to work with its many clients in the city, among them WaterCan, Canadian Hunger Foundation, Amnesty International, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.


Adrian Göllner is interested in heightening the viewer’s sense of self and their surroundings. In an art practice that employs a wide range of techniques and mediums, Göllner splits his time between creating conceptual drawings in the studio and implementing public art commissions at a much larger scale. While continuing to mount exhibitions at home and abroad, Göllner has had the good fortune to have received 20 public art commissions, including works the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and the Canadian Embassies in Berlin and Moscow.

Göllner’s talk will introduce attendees to the challenges of the public art commission process. Beginning with a brief slide show that illustrates the interrelationship of his studio-based works to his public art projects, he will then continue with an outline of the process and basic strategies he uses to address them.

Sonny Juane is serial entrepreneur who has worked in a variety of industries which include hospitality, technology and education. These diverse experiences have given him a unique perspective on how a company should promote, market and operate As a small business owner he has been involved in every aspect of creating and operating a company. He understands the importance of brand creation and evangelism as well as the impact it has on the organization and the people that it markets to. Sonny is currently a managing partner at York Entertainment which is associated with 14 different bars and restaurants mainly located in the Byward Market. In 2011, he started ARC Labs which focusses on technology integration for small and medium businesses. In 2012 he launched BartenderOne Ottawa which is Ottawa’s premier Bartending/Mixology School. Over the years he has seen first hand on the impact of social media and how it has changed the landscape of marketing and the building of a brand. Sonny’s philosophy on social marketing is: “I want to understand you. So I know how to tell you about me.”

Craig Fitzpatrick is a local entrepreneur, who has been building and growing product based companies for close to 20 years. He has been in charge of product development for several marketing intelligence companies over the years, in the areas of: e-commerce analytics, customer satisfaction & market research, project management analytics, and most recently, social marketing analytics.

Craig is currently Vice President of Products at Source Metrics, a Social Media Analytics company. He oversees the development of online software products that help marketers figure out which of their social marketing campaigns are the most successful, and why. Working in the social marketing analytics field for the last few years has helped Craig boil down the essential elements of social marketing – from what is usually a faith-based activity, to something more repeatable, dependable and scalable.

Craig’s philosophy on social marketing is: “Constant incremental improvement, less hoping & praying.”


As an international business and entrepreneurship consultant and trainer, he has provided consultancy services to such clients as Street Kids International (Toronto), Taka Hirano Security Systems and Consultancy (Japan), In Ho Lim Enterprises (South Korea), Emerge Research and Consultancy Inc. (Japan), and Retis Internet-Architect Consultancy (Mexico).

Most of the international business consultancy work focuses on Latin America, specifically Chile.

He has conducted seminars and workshops as far north as Nunavik & Whapmagoostui, Canada, New York, US, Dubai, UAE and Chile, South America.

He has co-authored a textbook used in Canadian Universities and Colleges called, “Small Business, An Entrepreneur’s Plan” available on With the flair of a serial entrepreneur, Chris’ ability to quickly gather the resources to start a business and grow the business to the next level has made Chris a highly sought after consultant and speaker. His main business is operating Master Entrepreneur International Inc.


Loreto Cheyne is the principal and owner of Lola Design, an Ottawa based graphic design studio. Loreto is a graduate of Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Graphic Design program. Her area of expertise is brand image design, and her focus is on creating the visual identities of service professionals in Ottawa. She has previous experience in print technology, print production, project management, as well as customer service. Loreto is an active member of the Greater Nepean Chamber of Commerce. She is also the chair of the Marketing & Communications Committee for Women’s Business Network (WBN). In her spare time, Loreto is a volunteer at the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, where she volunteers her graphic design expertise


Over the last 12 years Carlo has worked with businesses from around the world and is responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales through innovative marketing and sales strategies. As a spokesperson for world-class brands like Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Rolex and Cartier, Carlo understands how to effectively convey a message and truly connect with your “Target Market”.
“Normal is ONLY a setting on a dryer”