Setting Your Stage: The Tea Party Café

What do Ottawa venues look for in an artist or musician?

The Tea Party Café is Ottawa’s local trip down a cozy rabbit hole, located just off of the Byward Market on York Street. Apart from a wide selection of loose leaf teas, vegetarian meals and baked treats, they also have a rotating selection of art by local artists on the walls, and host a variety of events from salsa dancing to vinyl nights.

“I’m always shocked by, since we started doing the music and the art, how supportive people are of us, of what we’re doing here” says Christine Fletcher, owner of The Tea Party Café. “It’s just so nice to be a part of this community.”

The Tea Party Café typically hosts 12 artists a year, one for each month. A variety of art styles and sizes are appreciated, as well as reasonable price points.

It’s important to note too, that the chalk art on some of the walls can’t be touched because it will rub off, so taking a trip in to see the spaces available on the walls before bringing your artwork in is a good idea. Wall space varies, but there’s room to display on both storeys of the building. Artists can contact Christine directly, or fill out the form on the cafe’s website.

Thinking of hosting a live music event? One thing to keep in mind is the size of the venue. “It’s a small space, it can house about 45,” explains Colleen Jones, who works at the café, “It’s very intimate and everyone is very focused on what’s going on in the room.”

Genre or style of music is not a limiting factor “As long as people are having fun while being respectful – of the space, of the staff, and of each other then we’re ok.”

It’s acoustic open jam tonight! Come hang out :)

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Since The Tea Party Café is located in a creative and artistic neighbourhood, Christine is looking to support local artists and help them thrive by giving them a platform.

She sometimes seeks out regulars to provide them with showing opportunities. “I think of artists and musicians as entrepreneurs because that’s what I am. I love when artists and musicians come here and share their talents with us, broadcast it here to others. It really completes the community environment.”

Thinking of getting in touch or just curious about what The Tea Party Café has to offer? Did you know they now rent out their second floor? Head over to their vernissage, Nature2, this Sunday to meet the crew and check out their website for more details and their events calendar. Don’t forget to follow them on social media!

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